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NatashaI began taking lessons with Read shortly after I started swing dancing. In addition to being a knowledgeable instructor and an experienced dancer, his enthusiasm and his love of dance are contagious. I always look forward to his classes and I have found that what I have learnt has had a lasting impact on my dancing. His focus on musicality taught me how to incorporate self-expression into my movements. Additionally, his upbeat personality assured that classes were always fun and engaging. He is very approachable and is always eager to answer any questions, the sillier the better. He takes the time to build relationships with his students and to consider everyone’s individual goals. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from Read. I believe his approach to dancing is incredibly important for developing dancers as it captures the fun and energetic spirit of Lindy Hop.

All of us here at Let’s Swing believe that anyone can dance and that you can have a good time dancing with anyone. Our goal is to teach everyone who comes how to have fun and be included in a safe and welcoming environment that fosters learning and community. You will see our instructors dancing with as many people as they can and a value placed on dancing with and inviting in new people who want to share the Spirit of Lindy Hop.

Beginner Lessons

Let’s Swing is excited to be offering beginner swing dance lessons in a seven course drop in format that is designed to be perfect for learning the basics as well as fun moves and material. No experience or partner necessary and you can begin whenever you are ready just turn up! The level 1 curriculum will cover seven weeks of material that can be taken in any order. Once you have completed the seven lessons you will be ready to move on to level 2.

Start dancing this week with our drop in classes!

This week at Let's Swing Edmonton


Beginner Lindy-Hop

Read & Caitlin

Foot Notes, Edmonton South Side
Level 1 classes 9pm-10pm
Level 2 classes 8pm – 9pm
Dance party 10pm to 11pm

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Let’s Swing Red Deer Lessons
Starting September 21st

Licenced from Michael Lombardi

Licenced from Michael Lombardi

Bethany College Side Care Centre Town Hall
99 College Circle, Red Deer

Beginner 7pm to 8pm
Intermediate 8pm – 9pm

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Let’s Swing Red Deer Dance!
Every week!

Licenced from Michael Lombardi

Licenced from Michael Lombardi

 Dance Traxx Studio, Red Deer, AB

Everyone is welcome!

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